What is Elonet?

Elonet is a database and vod-service provided by The National Audiovisual Institute KAVI.

KAVI preserves films and film-related materials as well as radio and television programming. KAVI also restores and digitizes Finnish film heritage, and disseminates knowledge about audiovisual culture. KAVI promotes media education, children’s media skills and the development of safe media environment for children in cooperation with other organizations in the sector. KAVI supervises compliance with the Act on Audiovisual Programmes: defines the film, TV and digital games classification criteria, trains the classifiers and supervises providers of audiovisual media.

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What can I watch in Elonetissa?

All feature films owned by Kavin are available in Elonet. The film digitisation is an on-going process and the collection will grow constantly. KAVI owns rights to some 450 Finnish feature films.

In addition to feature films, a vast number of shortfilms, documentaries, news reels, etc. are available in Elonet.

All films available in Elonet

Feature films that are available in Elonet

Why aren't all the films available?

The Elonet database covers all the Finnish films and films released in Finland. KAVI doesn't have rights to all these films. The filmographic information of these films will however be available.

Use the "Available online" tag to easily search only for the films that are available.

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What is the quality of the films?

All the feature films are at least HD quality. Majority of the films are available in 4K UHD.

How can the content of Elonet be used?

Elonet is a free service for individuals, culture and education.

All commercial use is prohibited.

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